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Check out the online reviews of this is the Five-Star rated manufacturing and online business you’ve always dreamed of owning. It’s a lifestyle, turn-key, Amazon business that is completely run by one person, part-time (,30 hours/week) out of the comfort of his home, and while traveling. This truly is a plug and play opportunity with lots of opportunities for growth and expansion and has a registered word and design trademark. Over a ten-year process, the seller has 1,000+ hours of R&D alone and hours of design prototypes and testing to create a pad with portability, weight, and the ability to not bottom out in mind. The manufactured product is a very high-end, memory foam proprietary matrix camping mattress designed for great sleep and comes with built-in straps and connectors that allow additional pads to be connected to make a larger sleeping surface for maximum comfort.

Thousands of units of the LaidBack Pad have been sold to every state in the country, and primarily to California, Colorado, New York, Oregon, and Washington. The opportunities to increase sales in the United States and internationally are enormous. It is touted as THE most comfortable multi-use sleeping pad on the market. Individuals and families use the LaidBack Pad for car camping, domestic and international travel, as an extra bed at home or in a hotel, for military families and personnel, people in transition when moving, hunters and fishermen, and for international long-haul pilots. Users of the LaidBack Pad are given a new opportunity to access places such as National and State Parks for recreation that they would not have had before being unable to sleep on the ground, which the LaidBack Pad comfortably allows, so one is rested and ready for the adventures ahead.

Competition: This business has a superb reputation for its very high-end, non-inflatable mattress niche, competing with both, air-based and foam-based sleeping pads. The LaidBack Pad is made of the highest quality materials and is set apart from much of the competition and has a registered trademark and is Brand Gated on Amazon.

Growth and Expansion: This incredible product needs an advanced advertising and marketing strategy to take it to the next level. Also, currently, the cost of raw materials is too high, and the Seller has not been able to create enough monthly sales to allow for the substantial cost reduction (volume pricing) needed to bring down manufacturing costs and expand the product line. The current owner also has two other prototype sizes that have already been made and there is strong customer desire - both nationally and Internationally. With 40+million people camping each year, the LaidBack Pad could be sold at very high volumes allowing for reduced manufacturing costs and thus a lower selling price. With these reductions in place, it’s conceivable that one could easily go from selling only 1,250 units per year to 10,000+ units per year.



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N/A Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). The pad is made in the U.S.A. from domestic and international materials, and the memory foam is CertiPur Certified, which ensures that the foam is low-VOC and made by sustainable methods. The finished product is rolled, wrapped, labeled, boxed, palletized, and shipped to wholesalers and Amazon fulfillment centers.

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